Student physiotherapist in the making!

I've been a little quiet of late, and have not been able to take on as many massages as I usually do, and here's why.

As of September I began a three year physiotherapy degree at UWE in Bristol. I have to say, it's definitely given my brain a bit of a shake! How amazing it has been, to learn anatomy to such a deep level that I am beginning to understand how intrinsically connected our whole bodies are. To learn how each muscle overlaps and works together with bones, joints and ligaments is truly fascinating.

I never thought that I would do another degree, and here I am writing this blog post, telling you all that I am now a student again! Learning not just about a scientific approach to healing, but about biopsychosocial factors that stop people from making healthy choices; from their mood, to their family life, to their motivation, whether this be chemical or emotional. Learning how to help people through these hard times, and be open to listening to what people have to say.

Another subject I never thought I would study - neurology! This has completely blown my mind. The body is so incredibly complex and it really is quite beautiful. To use your senses and to be aware of them is one thing, but to begin to understand the complex pathways that our sensations travel through to be perceived is really another level. This has really been challenging and now that I am at the end of the first term, I really feel as though I have achieved a lot.

Now that I have completed my first term, and sat my first exams, I feel that I have got into the swing of this demanding subject and feel ready from next week to take a couple of massages in each week. I have had to put in such a large amount of work to fully understand these topics, and I really look forwards to sharing them with you in the future;

blending a holistic and scientific approach together to really give a person centred treatment.

Thanks for following, and hopefully see you on the massage bed or at a sound therapy session soon. Just send me an e-mail, or give me a call to book your massage. I may be in a seminar so please leave a voicemail if I don't answer so that I can call you back.

Best wishes,


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